Joe Koluch

Joe Koluch has been a court reporter since 1969. He earned his RPR and CSR in the 70’s. He has reported in the courts in the State of Maryland for over 20 years. He left the courts for freelance work in 1993, and reported at depositions until 2003 when he joined Stenograph. At Stenograph as a District Manager covering six states on the east coast, he provided information and guidance for reporters and students in choosing a writer and/or CAT (computer-aided transcription) software. During the 90’s, Joe served as President for three terms for the Maryland Court Reporters Association. He began teaching in the 70’s when he substituted teaching court reporting theory for a year at the University of Maryland. He later became a speed development instructor in the early 90’s at Villa Julie College (now Stevenson University). He is currently the Theory and Speed Development instructor, where he assists the students from beginning to completion in the program, offering his reporting experience and skills as well as his knowledge in two major court reporting CAT software programs.

Joe Grabowski
Joe Grabowski, RMR

Joe Grabowski, RMR, President/CEO of Gore Brothers, is the program and site facilitator. He began reporting in the Baltimore/DC area in 1976, and started providing realtime to attorneys and the deaf/hard-of-hearing in the mid 1980's. Joe has covered depositions in various locations in the United States, Spain, Greece and has taken statements from survivors of WWII German concentration camps in Poland. He is a member of the National Court Reporters Association, past president and board member of the National Network of Reporting Companies, and past president of the Maryland Court Reporters Association. Joe is chairman of the Education Advisory Committee of the Maryland Court Reporters Association, and was appointed by Chief Judge Robert M. Bell to the State of Maryland's first Court Reporters Committee.



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